Here we offer a facility to make your first contact to The Bollywood Movie Database
even more enjoyable. Your task simply is to read and klick ... well, and to fill in a few
words, if you wish ...

Firstly, we can provide you with a couple of HELP documents which you may want to
study before you send in your own "handwritten" requests.

General HELP file which covers all aspects of the mailserver
Specialized HELP text for MOVIES releated features
Informations on how to access the RATINGS systems in detail
Problems UUDECODING the pictures received from the mailserver?

Klick the of all documents you want to get! You'll receive those files via EMail in
a few hours! We still don't have direct Internet access, so that's the only way ...

Let's continue with the MOVIES to get a bit of fun out of this. Below you see two
boxes ready to receive text inputs. The first one depends heavily on correctly done
transliteration, the second one doesn't!

If you want to request any data on a movie from Bollywood or from the Indian sub-
continent, please enter a couple of letters in one of the boxes. The input will be
forwarded as a search pattern to the database. It could be a movie title, the name of
an actor/actress, a member of the crew, a playback singer or even a few words from
a song ...

Movie This will use quite an ordinary search method

Titles In this case the search is based on phonetic language

In return you'll receive a couple (hope so) of entries from the database. The list of entries
might be a bit long if you haven't been too specific. While making up your own requests you
can use more complex requesting patterns - klick HELP MOVIES above to learn how!

Klick here to receive SUMMARIES on the requested movies as well.

Both of the search options above will come up with a whole lot of information on all
the movies found in the database. If your intention is to simple obtain a list of movie
titles, release/production dates and the leading actors/actresses you should try out the
FILMOGRAPHY feature. The sort order used for the resulting list will be based on
the release date.

Filmography Name of an actor, actress or any staff member

NOTE: It's almost certain that the list will not be complete! Please inform the database
maintainer about all missing entries you know of!

And still more fun to come! Here's your chance to get some pictures! For a start, why not
getting a list of all pics available in the database?

Klick the button to obtain that list of pictures

If you've got the list already and you want to get a specific picture, please type the name
(for instance mdx14.jpg) in the box below ...

Picture Only one picture at a time, please!

In case you don't have the list handy, let me recomment a few very nice shots!

Juhi Chawla in QSQT
Juhi Chawla in SAAJAN KA GHAR
Madhuri Dixit in YARAANA
Madhuri Dixit in RAJKUMAR
Mahima on TV

To provide yourself and others with some ideas how wellmade a movie actually is, the
database holds RATINGS on the movies additionally in the records. Enter the name of
a movie and a number, representing your impression of it, in the following.


The figure (1) stands for a lousy movie (i.e. "trash", don't watch), the number (10) makes
it the best movie ever made!

If you know what RAMLI means, you might be interested in the following feature of the
mailserver. There's a database that archives all entries of the Bollywood related newsgroup
rec.arts.movies.local.indian from where lots of the entries of The Bollywood Movie
have come!

Article Request an article or a selected list

The mailserver is not able to create a complete list of all articles, so you have to enter
a search pattern/selection key which might be the name of the autor, the date (in quotation
marks!) or the subject of an article/thread.

To obtain an article, simply enter it's number ...

The FULLTEXT option allows to widen the searched area from the mere Subject header
field to the entire RAMLI article (header, messagebody, signature). To actually obtain
an article, you have to use the ARTICLE keyword as described above.

Fulltext Initiate a full text search

If you need help on this issue, klick General HELP a couple of lines above!

Finally it's done. Now it's time to send your request to the mailserver and to nervously
await the results ... or to delete the choices and do it all over again:

Coward! This is not the place to hesitate! Klick the Submit button straight away!
There's no commercial background, no fees to be afraid of, no punishment for making
mistakes - just fun!

NOTE: Don't expect anything to happen after you've klicked the Submit button!
Of course, behind the scenes a massive activity will start off - your browser will create
a mail and forward it to the mailserver. The answer will be in your maildrop in a few hours!

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