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Film Tips - Juhi Chawla at her very best

Bollywood, 1988. A new Hindi film heroine appears on the silverscreen, Juhi Chawla. With her most innocent looks in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak she wins the filmi-loving crowds and with her acting talents she manages to impress the critics.

Today, even after having done more than 50 films in about 8 years, she's still able to draw India's movie-going millions into the cinema. Her acting skills have increased even further, she's able to do the village beauty as well as the cabaret dancer or the vamp, and her looks ... breath taking, whatever character she is portraying. Plus, as some guy on the streets of India once put it in a TV interview, she is good at heart...

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988), a Romeo and Juliet like love tale, launched Juhi and also her male co-star Aamir Khan the big way.

And even if the movie itself will not get you, the songs will do. All of them are something special. Once you've heard them, you'll want to listen to them again and again and again ...

The movie, also known as QSQT, as been declared a cult movie and there's no doubt, it deserves it's place in Indian filmi history!

Tum Mere Ho (1989) again has Juhi and Aamir as the romantic couple. The movie might not be the most exciting flic ever, but for the title song and the picturization of it alone, it is worth watching any time.

In fact she is not doing a double role - explaining would be telling! The male lead, Rishi Kapoor though, is playing himself (Kishen) and his twin-brother Tony.
In Bol Radha Bol (1992) she's doing two completely different characters, Radha, the village girl and Rita, the jet-setter.

Surprising moments are the usual in Daulat Ki Jung (1992). The Aamir and Juhi combo does still work very well. It starts as the normal family drama but very soon develops to an Indiana Jones kind of adventure movie.

In this movie there are a whole lot of examples of what Juhi has learnd from her favorite Hindi film actress, Sridevi.

The total control over facial expressions, smile on command, tears whenever necessary. Can you imagine what a life with that woman would be like? She has some talent to make you understand her wishes, that's for sure.

It is Juhi vs. Amrita Singh in Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman (1992). Raju (Shah Rukh Khan), a Darjeeling born engineer, comes to Bombay to work in his profession. But there are no vacancies and so Juhi, living in the same Basti as Shah Rukh, finds a job for him in the company she's working for.

The daughter of the boss, Sapna (Amrita), of course falls in love with Raju as well ... and the fight is on. Not actually between Juhi and Amrita but between Raju and Sapna's former boyfriend.

Definitly a must watch movie for all Juhi and Shah Rukh Khan fans and also for all the Nana Patekar admirers - his part is supposed to be a little supporting role, but he of course manages to do something with it!

She is the ugly duckling, Amrita is the beauty - hey, that's the story of Aaina (1993), believe it or not! And Juhi is trying hard, but did not quite manage to look ugly - oh what a relief!

If you have intentions to become a Jackie Shroff fan, then go out and watch this movie. His way of treating Juhi in this film really should be taken as an example for all of us (males).

Females simply follow Juhi ...

Don't panic! It's only a movie: Darr (1993). And what a movie it is. A thriller, with a psycho called Rahul (Shah Rukh) stalking behind Kiran (Juhi), and her husband Sunny Deol for that matter.

Not the kind of movie you want to watch alone at home, late at night ... the moment the phone rings, your night is well over: I love you, K-K-K-Kiran!

Great, great songs, great acting by Shah Rukh especially, and very nice pictorization of the songs.

Talking of songs, here's one. It is called Tu mere samne and is from the movie above. If you've never seen Hindi written down in Devanagri before, try to read the latin lines as if it would be english text.

So now you know what Hindi sounds like - at least roughly. For the movie, Lata Mangeshkar sings Juhi's part and Udit Narayan does it for Shah Rukh. That way it sounds even better than your version!!

The document has been created with JAADOO, an ITRANS to Devanagari converting fullscreen editor for MS DOS. Freeware stuff, but of course! Versions for MacOS and Unix/X11 are (dhire-dhire) under development.

In addition to the tool above there also is PC-HINDI, a.k.a. KYAA, available. A vocabulary practice drill software, teaching you English-Hindi or German-Hindi. Again freeware, no commercial background!

Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke (1993) of course is a love story. And could there be anyone to do it more convincingly than Juhi and Aamir? Aamir is trying to run a business and to care for his sister's three kids at the same time. Resulting problems are obvious. So Juhi is hired to look after the kids - and she's hired by the kids!

Trouble starts, when Aamir, who's supposed to marry a client's daughter, falls in love with Juhi. No problem you might think, but fact is, that Aamir needs this client's support to keep in charge of his little branch.

No doubt, there has to be a "Happy End"!

From the saddest movie ever made, Saajan Ka Ghar (1993), the most beautiful shots. Her mother dies while giving birth to her, her father therefore hates her, her step-mother hates her, her mother-in-law hates her ... only her brother Deepak Tijori and her husband Rishi Kapoor do care for her. But if the odds are so strongly against you, what can you do?

No, sorry, no "Happy End" this time! If you are prepared to go thru a lot of pain and sad moments, watch the film. It's worth it a hundred times!

Yes it's true! This movie Ghar Ki Izzat (1993) only is in here to allow Juhi to show off her beautiful body. Forget about watching the movie, at least if you are not a Jeetendra fan. Apart from his performance, there's nothing worth mentioning. Even the songs are pathetic, to say the least.
And still nobody is complaining. 1993 was the year of Darr, Aaina and Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke, so Juhi has well earned herself a little break in '94.

Apart from the movie above, there are quite a few other movies to watch for Juhi's dances only: Aatank Hi Aatank, Paramaatma, Lootere, Eena Meena Deeka, Kartavya, ...

Of course there also are numerous movies where she gives a brilliant performance: Pratibandh marvelous piece of film, very patriotic in the ending, The Gentleman with Juhi as the traditional woman and Heera Rajagopal as the modern counterpart, Andaz with her teaming up with Anil Kapoor and Karishma Kapoor. Those are highly recommended, and not olny to Juhi fans!

The resulting movie is brilliant. A good plot, perfectly done cinematography, marvelous songs and last but not least, police wali Juhi. A modern Hindi film to be rated very high!
What in your opinion is the most weird pairing of lead actors in Bollywood? Ajay Devgan vs. Naseeruddin Shah you think? Oh well, they've done it for Naajayaz (1994).

One might get the impression, that Jha wanted to make a Juhi movie and hasn't spent too much thoughts on anything else but on her looks - that way the movie's just fine.

Bandish (1996) is directed and produced by Prakash Jha. And as far as the technical aspect of filmmaking goes, it is a masterpiece. The weak plot is the only problem. The songs aren't that great either, but with Juhi in the starcast, the movie sells.

Altogether that was a little excursion into Juhi's movie world, called Bollywood. If you want to see more pictures, please join The Tour. There you'll even be offered an WWW Interface to the Bollywood Movie Database.

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