It's all about MS DOS (TM) software. Right, there are plans to develope MacOS and UNIX/X11 releases as well, but that will take time ... a lot of time!

Both of the following packages are provided as freeware! For some examples of the output generated by JAADOO and KYAA check out our little collection of ISB songs at The Songs.

JAADOO - ITRANS to Devanagari Fullscreen Editor (Click for download!)

Not that easy to write ITRANS Songbook entries without instantly being able to check the input in Devanagari, right? That's the point where JAADOO comes into play. On the bottom of the screen you see the current line in ITRANS (latin script). The rest of the screen displays the document in Devanagari.

Output can either be an ITRANS file, a printed copy of the ITRANS text or on HP DeskJets, Epson LQs and Canon BJs, a printout in Devanagari. Also Devanagari output into a .PCX file is possible.

PC-HINDI - Hindi Vocabulary Practice Drill (Click for download!)

Learning Hindi at the moment? Having problems with the script or with memorizing the words?? No problem, there's a neat little supporting tool!

PC-HINDI (Project name is KYAA?) will teach you Devanagari and Hindi at the same time, from either English or German as a basis language. In both cases 2000 words are in the vocabulary database. It also works very nicely as an electronic dictionary for all of the three languages.

And since KYAA? is based on the same ITRANS to Devanagari converter as used by JAADOO you'll learn ITRANS easily as well.