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Sophia's photo session in Mumbai
(June 2000)

Sophia live on stage with SANSARA
(August 2000)

... or how to win ZEE TV´s TOP TEN Competition

Look up our hints below and send your answers to Zee TOP TEN, Zee TV, P.O. Box 139, Northolt Middelsex, UB5 5QQ or send an email to zeetopten@zeetv.co.uk

Best of luck! If you think our answers are wrong, then please let us know the right answers as soon as possible!!! Our contact address: info@bollywood.de

No cheating anymore! With Sophia leaving the show, there's no fun in playing games anymore. Too sad!

So, Laila, it seems you can do your bit without us spoiling the beans all the time ;-)
Good luck with the show!

  • April 7th Question: Who was Govinda´s first female co-star?

    Neelam! (Sophia, check your records! You did ask almost the same question on July 22nd of 2000 ;-)

    Even better answer: (suggested by Tania Shah) Govinda´s first film was TAN BADAN and there his female co-star was the now-South Indian Superstar Khushboo.

  • March 31st Question: Which was Aishwarya Rai´s first ever movie?

    Uff, that´s a tough one! Our database says that IRUVAR (Tamil) was released on January 14th of 1997 and IDDARU (Telugu) was also released in 1997. AUR PYAR HO GAYA was released in 1997, too. But that was in August, so it must either be IRUVAR or IDDARU.

    Sophia says: IRUVAR it is!

  • March 24th Question: How many films have Juhi and SRK done together?

    8 movies. See below:

    DARR (1993)
    KABHI JAAN KABHI NAA (1993) - Juhi has a special appearance!
    RAM JAAN (1995)
    YES BOSS (1997)
    DUPLICATE (1998)
    1 2 KA FOUR (2001)

  • March 17th Question: What is Govinda and Rani Mukherjee´s first Hindi movie?

    How´s about HADH KAR DI APNE (2000)?

  • March 10th Question: Name two films with songs related to Holi!

    Choose from the list below:

    Ang se ang lagalo.. (DARR)
    That Holi song with Jeetu, Jaya and Varsha (Khalnayika)

    There are numerous films that pop to mind ... I just can´t remember the words of the songs ;-)

  • March 3rd Question: What was Bhupen Hazarika´s first Hindi movie ?

    Most of his early movies were in Assamese, so it should be 27 DOWN (1973) with M.K. Raina, Raakhee, Om Shivpuri.
    Sophia says: RUDAALI (1992) - well, that one might be more widely known than 27 DOWN but it definitly isn´t his first Hindi score!

  • February 24th Question: What is Amitabh Bachchan´s father´s name and what he is known for?

    He is Harivanshrai Bachchan, a Hindi poet from Allahabad.

  • February 17th Question: Name four of Akki´s movies with the word Khiladi in the title!

    Choose from the list below:

    Khiladi (1992) - Deepak Tjori, Ayesha Jhulka
    Sabse Bada Khiladi (1995) - Mamta
    Main Khiladi Ti Anari (1994) - Saif, Shilpa Shetty, Raags
    Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi (1996) - Rekha, Raveena
    Mr. and Mrs. Khiladi (1997) - Juhi
    International Khiladi (1999) - Tina Khanna
    Khiladi 420 (2000) - Mahima, Antra Mali

  • February 10th Question: In what way is Vikram Bhatt related to Pooja & Mahesh Bhatt?

    They share the same name, that´s all!

  • February 3rd Question: What was Aftab Shivdasani´s first movie in a lead role?

    Must be MAST with Milli, uh?

  • January 27th Question: What is Rishi Kapoor's starwife's name?

    Neetu Singh, but of course!

  • January 20th Question: What is the name of Indra Kumar's sister?

    Answer: Aruna Iran.

  • January 13th Question: Who was the director of RAJU CHACHA?

    Answer: Anil Devgan, Ajay Devgan's cousin.

    January 2001, we are back ... with a vengeance!
    After more than 6 month our little cheating business continues ...

  • August 5th Question: What is new music directors Sanjeev-Darshan´s surname and who are their famous singing uncles?

    Answer: The surname is Rathod and their uncles are Vinod and Roop Kumar Rathod.

  • July 29th Question: Who is music director Aadesh Shrivastava´s wife?

    Answer: (Educated guess:) Singer Vijeta Shrivastava ... formerly known as Vijeta Pandit

  • July 22nd Question: Which was the first female co-star Govinda paired up with successfully in films?

    Answer: That´s another tricky one! It could be Neelam, Kimi Katkar and even Mandakini ...

    Sophia´s choice: Neelam!

  • July 15th Question: Milind Suman appeared in one of Alisha Chinoy´s pop videos. Which one and where was is made?

    Answer: Should be "De De Mujhko De.." but where was it made??

    "All wrong!", says Sophia! Obviously the answer to both parts of the question is: "Made in India" ...

  • July 8th Question: In REFUGEE, two heronies of yesteryears play character roles. Name those actresses!

    Answer: The two are Reena Roy and Padmini Kapila ... which we didn´t know!

  • July 1st Question: Two weeks back, Sophia ended her shop at a very well known landmark in Mumbai. What´s it called?

    Answer: The Gateway of India

  • June 24th Question: What Hollywood (with an "H") film is the story of JOSH based on?

    Answer: THE WESTSIDE STORY (thanks to Huneeda Raza for that one!)

  • June 17th Question: What are the similarities between BORDER and REFUGEE?

    Answer: Both ...

    ... are directed by J.P Dutta
    ... come with a music score by Anu Malik
    ... have the lyrics written by Javed Akhtar
    ... deal with the influence war has on peoples´ lifes
    ... have Sunil Shetty in the cast
    ... have Jackie Shroff in the cast
    ... are produced by J.P. Dutta
    ... have a song sung by Sonu Nigam
    ... are released in June

  • June 10th Question: J.P. Dutta had signed Abhishek and Kareena for a costume drama film before REFUGEE. What is the name of that movie?

    Answer: The movies is AAKHRI MUGHAL ...

  • June 3rd Question: In which film Kareena was meant to make her debut?

    Answer: YEH HAI JALWA which has gotten shelved ... or was it even KAHO NA PYAAR HAI, as Huneeda Raza suggests?!

  • May 27th Question: While in Mumbai, Sophia met one of the city´s top designers. What´s his name?

    Answer: His name is Rocky

  • May 20th Question: What was Dino´s (sp.?) character called in PYAR MEIN KABHI KABHI?

    Answer: His name was Siddharth

  • May 13th Question: What is Manoj Bajpai´s character´s name in KOUN?

    Answer: (HELP!!!) - Sophia, what are you doing to us???

    Correct answer: He had no name!!! At least it was never mentioned in the movie.

  • May 6th Question: In the movie SATYA, Manoj Bajpai´s character has a very special name. What is it?

    Answer: No clue! (HELP!!!)

    Sophia says: Bhiku Matre

  • April 29nd Question: Rangeela mein Aamir Khan ka kya naam tha?

    Answer: Aamir´s character was called "Munna"

  • April 22nd Question: Who are Karishma Kapoor´s star parents?

    Answer: Her father is Randhir Kapoor, her mom is Babita

  • April 15th Question: Name five movies with the word "Dulhan" in the title.

    Answer: Choose from the list below:

    Doosri Dulhan (1983) - Shabana Azmi
    Dulha Dulhan (1964) - Raj Kapoor, Sadhana
    Dulhan Banoo Mein Teri (2000) - Faraaz Khan, Deepti
    Dulhan Dilwalon Ki (unreleased) - Chichi, Ravs
    Dulhan Ek Raat Ki (1966) - Nutan, Dharmendra
    Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge (2000) - Salu, Lolo
    Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaye (1977) - Rameshwari

    Oh, well:

    Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (1995)

  • April 8th Question: Karishma and her mom Babita did a movie with the same title. What´s it called?

    Answer: HASEENA MAAN JAYEGI. Babita did hers in 1968 opposite Shashi Kapoor, Lolo did hers in 1999 with Chichi and Sunjay Dutt.

  • April 1st Question: What is Salman Khan´s debut film?

    Answer: BIWI HO TO AISI (1988) starring Rekha and Farooq Sheik
    His first major hit of course was MAINE PYAR KIYA (1989)

  • March 24th Question: What´s the name of last year´s super hit with Salman, Karishma, directed by David Dhawan?

    Answer: BIWI NO. 1

  • March 18th Question: What´s the name of Shah Rukh´s character in HEY RAM?

    Answer: No clue ... yes, Sophia, you win again this time!
    I guess you found the way around our little cheat business ...
    But be warned, if you don´t stop asking questions like that,
    we´ll set up a Sophia "fan" page right here ;-)
    Sophia says: Amjad Ali Khan (the name of Kamal Hassan´s best friend)

  • March 11th Question: In Kamal Hassan´s HEY RAM, who plays the role of Gandhi?

    Answer: No idea ...
    Sophia says: It´s Naseeruddin Shah

  • March 4th Question: Apart from BADAL, which hit movies were directed by Raj Kanwar?

    Answer: Choose from the following:

    DAAG (1999)
    DEEWANA (1992)
    ITIHAAS (1997)
    JAAN (1996)
    JUDAAI (1997)
    KARTAVIYA (1995)
    LAADLA (1994)

  • February 26th Question: Name two films the Juhi, Shah Rukh and Aziz combo have done before PHIR BHI DIL HAI HINDUSTANI.

    Answer: RAJU BAN GAYA GENTLEMEN (1992) and YES BOSS (1997).

  • February 20th Question: Who´s the dance director of the movie KAHO NA .. PYAR HAI?

    Answer: It´s the very talented Farah Khan.

  • February 12th Question: "The song ´´Dil kya kare..´´ by Rajesh Roshan belongs to what film?"

    Answer: The movie is JULIE ... which we didn´t know. Shame on us! Congrats to all who knew ...

  • February 5th Question: "What is Hrithik Roshan´s grandfather´s name and what did he do in the industry?"

    Answer: He is called Roshan (Rajesh and Rakesh Roshan´s father) and he´s a very popular music director.

  • January 29th Question: "Name two films (except JAANWAR) with Akshay and Karishma."

    Answer: Choose from the following:

    DEEDAR (1992)
    LAHOO KE DO RANG (1997)
    MAIDAN-E-JUNG (1995)
    SAPOOT (1996)
    SUHAAG (1994)
    YEH DILLAGI (1994) - Lolo only as a guest star

  • January 15th Question: "Name two films with Madhuri and Anil."

    Answer: Choose from the following:

    BETA (1992)
    DHARAVI (1992) - Anil only has a special appearance
    HIFAZAT (1987)
    JAMAI RAJA (1990)
    KEHL (1992)
    PARINDA (1989)
    PRATIKAR (1991)
    RAJKUMAR (1996)
    RAM LAKHAN (1989)
    TEZAAB (1988)
    ZINDAGI EK JUAA (1992)

  • January 8th Question: "What was Rani Mukherjee´s first film and who was her male co-star?"

    The answer should be: RAJA KI AAYEGI BAARAAT and her co-star was Shaadaab Khan