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NOTE: This is of interest only for Zee TV satellite viewers in Europe! On any other requests please contact the Zee Network Headquarters in Mumbai. The information on this page comes with no warranty what so ever.

What are the satellite receiving parameters for Zee TV?

Satellite EUTELSAT "Hotbird"
Orbital Position 13 Degrees East
Downlink Frequency 12,476 MHz
Polarisation Horizontal
Transponder Number 89
Symbol Rate 25.5 Msym/s
FEC 3/4

Zee TV is no longer available on the ASTRA satellite (UK/Irland viewers might me able to watch Zee TV on ASTRA 2A via BSkyB's digital platform). To receive Zee TV, you either have to adjust your satellite dish to receive EUTELSAT only or you have to install a second digital LNC next to the exiting LNC. Read the next chapter for more information.

What sort of equipment do I need to receive Zee TV?

DISH/LNC - First of all you need a satellite dish adjusted regarding the receiving parameters of Zee TV. That satellite dish has to be fitted out with a digital LNC. If you already have a satellite dish but it's adjusted to receive the ASTRA analog satellite then you can do two things:

Firstly you can of course exchange the analog LNC by a digital one, re-adjust the dish and only view EUTELSAT programmes from then on.

You also can decide to mount a second LNC (a digital one) next to your existing LNC and receive both satellites. There are two mounting strategies. One where the new LNC is simply attached to old LNC by using some rig (visit you local DIY market). That way the new LNC does not point exactly towards the center of the dish. As long as you are close to the center of EUTELSAT's footprint (check the EUTELSAT homepage) it works perfectly.

If you are living on the more remote areas of EUTELSAT's footprint, you will have to ask your TV store to provide you with a rig that is ajusted to make both LNCs point perfectly to the center of the dish.

RECEIVER - To watch digital satellite transmission, you need a digital receiver. Since Zee TV's programme is encrypted, your receiver needs to be fitted to descramble the signal.

Here's a list of compatible receivers that have been approved by Zee TV: HUMAX IRCI - 5400, STRONG - 4350, NOKIA, GALAXIS, ALLSAT

The descrambling unit itself is called IRDETO CAM. That device has to have the serial no. PN - 901275. Any other number might cause problems!

To set up the receiver, we recommend to tune to Zee TV manually. Insert the viewing card beforehand, choose manual programme setup from you receiver's menue, type in the data (see receiving parameters) and enjoy watching Zee TV.

Where can I subscribe to Zee TV and get my viewing card?

The list of Zee TV agent has grown a lot over the recent few years. In the following we only give you a little subset of the known addresses. A viewing card reportedly costs about 240 EUROs.

Germany F.A. Jagdeshwari / J. Saxena
Kaiser Str. 79
60329 Frankfurt
France Abbas Ahmed / Nusrat Sarl (Zee TV Agent)
85 Rue Fu Fbg. St. Denis
75010 Paris
Austria Purewal SmBH
Stumpergasse 62
A1-2060 Wien
Italy Eurosat / Mr. Carlo
Via Anagnina 491
00040 Roma
Spain Bazar ek Onkar / Prakash Singh
Conscjo de ciento 49 Bis
E-08014 Barcelona
Portugal Champaclal M. Deuchande
Av. Almirante reis 90 A/B
Loja 50
1150 Lisboa
Switzerland Vinay Khosla
1 Place des Charmilles
1203 Geneva
Denmark Dhami's Sat Sales / Kulvinder Dhami
Grondalsvaenget 5
4600 Koge
Norway Teleshop Nor / J. Aurangzeb
Po Box 2691 / St. Haugen
0173 Oslo
Poland Sandeep Karira
Al Jerozolimskie 196 A M 1
02-486 Warsaw
Holland H. Van Huen BV
Steenstraat 11
6828 CA Arnheim


What is Zee TV's mail address?

Zee TV European Head Office
8 Belvue Business Center
Belvue Road
Northolt, Middlesex

Customer Services: +44 282 704 123

Zee Network
Continental Bldg., 135
Dr. A B Rd., Worli
Mumbai 400 018